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2021 Summer Baseball | Shetland 2021 | Far North Youth Sports Association


July 29th, 2021

last game tonight!

Hi Phillies,

We reached the end of our season! Everyone has been so much fun to work with- you all have wonderful kids.

We are playing the Rangers in left field tonight. I have some cupcakes for the kids but it doesn't look like Far North does anything in terms of certificates, etc (I just learned that). But hopefully this ran holds off and we get our last game in.

I hope you all have a great rest of your summer and thanks for all the time and commitment to bringing your kiddos every Tuesday and Thursday!

July 26th, 2021

two games left!

Hi Phillies!

Just two games left this season!
We play the Tigers in the infield tomorrow night and finish the season Thursday vs the Rangers in left field.

For anyone who is interested, snack signup is here:

Thanks for a great season and we'll see you for the last two games!

July 22nd, 2021

Phillies Mets tonight in left field!

Three games to go! Looks like tonight is a go (they canceled yesterday with rainouts but it's much nicer today!) and we'll be in left field playing the Mets.


July 21st, 2021

Rain Out 7_21_2021

Tonight is a rain games

July 19th, 2021

picture day tomorrow!

Hi Phillies,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this weekend!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is picture day and it will be on field 2. Our slot is at 5:50. I have yet to hear back on makeups so I will ask again tomorrow since a few Phillies will be out. We then have our game at 6:15 vs the Red Sox in left field.

We have four games left. Hard to believe the season is almost over. Any feedback you have, please share as the league has asked for feedback on their t ball programs. Thank you all for hanging in this summer- you all have wonderful kiddos. We have two snack spots left if anyone wants to sign up as well:

Thanks again and we'll see you tomorrow for pictures and our game!

July 13th, 2021

Phillies games updates

Some of you might have just gotten some cancellation notices from TeamConnect for our last two games in early August. I asked the league if that was meant to be sent and it turns out the league was always supposed to end the last week of July but they inadvertently added an extra week when they made the schedule and failed to remove it before now. So at this point, we have five games left. (They did say if there was interest, those two games could still be played).

So we currently now have five games left if it stays this way. Thursday's game will be in left field against the other red team, the Angels. We also still have two games I think that have space for snack signup too:

Pictures are scheduled for next Tuesday, the 20th, at 5:50 pm. I know quite a few of you have let me know you will be out so I will let you know if I hear anything back on any reschedule options. If not, we'll get a team photo at our last game too just to capture as many Phillies as we can!

Thanks again for a great season. I was so impressed with the hitting tonight! Everyone is getting so good- it's fun to see them concentrating so hard to hit the ball!


July 6th, 2021

All games cancelled tonight 7/6

Due to the ongoing all games this evening are cancelled.

June 30th, 2021

Youth Umpires

Hello All,

I hope the season has been going great and you're all enjoying this fantastic summer we are having!

I'm sending this to remind you that most of our umpires are current players or previous players and they are still children. We have had complaints that some coaches have gotten chirpy with some of the youth umpires, which is unacceptable. I have also heard reports of some parents and or spectators who have made extremely inappropriate comments to our youth umpires. Again this is unacceptable.

As a coach, you must set a good example and refrain from inappropriate comments. If you feel the umpire is being inattentive or doesn't understand the rules then please let me know and we will talk with them.

Remember you cannot dispute balls and strikes and you must refrain from any type of disparaging comments. If you believe they have misapplied a rule call time and discuss the rule interpretation in a calm coaching manner. If you have parents who get excited it is your responsibility to ensure they refrain from making comments to the umpires. If certain spectators cannot control themselves they will be asked to leave.

I will also be talking with some of the youth umpires to ensure they understand the need to always be on their best game.

Steve Forrest

June 29th, 2021

next few games

Hi all,

Another great game- they are looking so good! It was fun to finally get to play in the infield!

As some of you heard, I'm going to miss the next three games while up in Fairbanks visiting some family. Thank you to Maddie and Lareina for taking the gear for Thursday's game though we will need someone for next week. (If helpful, I left the wagon to make the haul to the fields easier!) Thank you all for the help! I know this is a long season (I think 13 games left) and I appreciate all of you and your awesome kids. They are a lot of fun to watch (we'll figure out the realizing you have to still try and get the last batter out, not just run to get in line to bat!)

Here is the rundown of the next few games as an FYI:

-Thursday, July 1: Red Sox in the infield (we are the away team)

-Tuesday, July 6: vs Mets In the infield (we are the away team)

-Thursday, July 8 vs the tigers in right field (we are the home team)

And the snack signup can be found here: It looks like Tuesday is covered but the two Thursday's are open.

I hope you all have a great three games and a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. If anyone needs anything, feel free to reach out, otherwise I'll see you all on Tuesday, July 13.

June 28th, 2021

For COACHES Only "Team Picture Sign Ups"

For COACHES Only "Team Picture Sign Ups"
Team picture sign ups online are for head coaches only.
DO NOT SIGN UP on "Sign Up Genius" UNLESS YOU ARE A HEAD COACH. If you did not read the email and you are not the coach you must delete what you entered.
Individuals will receive an email with a personalized sign up code.
June 22nd, 2021

left field vs Tigers tonight

Hi Phillies!

Happy Solstice!

We are in left field today (taking a break from right!) Vs the Tigers tonight. It looks like next week we'll finally get to play on the infield again!

If anyone wants to come early, the gear bag will be there and I'll run over as my sons game is done on the field next to it.

We have about 14 games left I think so I wanted to share the snack signup link again: Thank you all for your contributions of snacks, helping the kids with their batting, positions and fielding. They are doing so well and are such a great group of kids to hang out with every Tuesday and Thursday!

We will see you all tonight, go Phillies!

June 17th, 2021

picture day on July 20

Hi Phillies!

You all should have just gotten a link with a code for ordering pictures. I booked an appointment for our team and individual photos on Tuesday, July 20 from 5:50pm - 6:00pm at Far North Baseball Field. I tried to make it easy and book for right before our game that evening. If that doesn't work, we can move it but the dates are Monday and Tuesday and I didn't want anyone to have to make a special trip!

Today's game is in right field again against the Mets. We are the home team.

Snack signup is here and it looks like we have openings for next weeks games if anyone can sign up: Thank you all for contributing!

We will see you all tonight! I'll have the gear bag at the field again for anyone to warm up but my husband is out of town so I'll be over with my son on the other field until his game ends.

Thanks and go Phillies!
June 15th, 2021

Phillies vs Red Sox today!

Hi Phillies,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today's game is vs the Red Sox and we'll be in right field again (we're the home team).

With how warm it is, I was going to skip practice before todays game. That would be a long day right in the sun playing in that corner. If people want to show up around 6, we can do some warming up before the game but I don't want to wear any kids out. (I'm there already with my sons t-ball team at 5:30 and always try to make sure our gear bag is on the field if anyone does want to ever go early and practice hitting off the tee or throwing around before then).

Snack signup can be found here: Thanks to all the parents for helping out, it continues to remain the top highlight of every game! We have 10 kiddos on the team.

If you need anything or have questions, reach out at any time. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far. Your kiddos are getting so good and I am so impressed by how they are all grasping the fundamentals. If anyone has ideas for drills or other things that would be helpful for them (many move on to the next league next summer), please let me know!

Thanks again,

June 9th, 2021

Phillies updates

Hi Phillies!

I've been so impressed by how far you are all coming! On Tuesday we floated the idea of adding a practice and are going to try before our game at 6:15 on Thursday.

I'm going to aim to be there around 5:30 (at the latest, 5:45 based on work and getting to the fields!) so we can do some fielding and batting practice before our game at 6:15.

Tomorrow we are in the right field against the Angels (two red teams!) and are the away team.

For anyone that can make it and is interested, we'll see you a little before tomorrow's game and see how that works and if the kids find it useful. The kids are doing so great so I just want to make sure they are having fun and learning as much as they can about the game.

For those who also would like to sign up to bring snack, the signup is here: We have 10 kiddos on the team now (though not everyone can make every game with our Alaska summers and that is totally fine!). Thanks to everyone for signing up and helping out- it is by far the kids favorite part! I think I counted we have 17 games left (last game is August 5).

Thanks again to everyone. Any parents who want to help or have ideas for drills or practice, please let me know! It's my first time coaching but it is an awesome group of kids and I hope they are having fun and learning some things. (Or at the very least, burning off some energy in the evenings!). Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or suggestions.

Fiona (Hazel's mom)
Text/call 907-350-8495
June 7th, 2021

Volunteers Needed (Web Sign-up)

Hello Families,

We are off to a great season! It takes a lot of work to run the complex. We need some volunteers!


-Use the electric mower in the volunteer connex to mow the bullpen and area outside the fences near the dugout/bullpen/backstop.

-Use the electric weed eaters in the volunteer connex to weed eat along all fence lines (inside and outside) all the way around the field/bullpen, etc.

Each field has been assigned a day.

Monday: Field 1. There are no games on this field on Monday. Field maintenance can be done at any time/work around the practices being held.

Tuesday: Field 2. This field is occupied from 5:00-9:30. Field maintenance can be done prior to game time.

Wednesday: Field 4.

Thursday: Field 3. This field is occupied from 6:30-9:30. Field maintenance can be done prior to game time.

We have also included a sign-up to help with the Snack Shack!

Here is the link to sign up:

June 1st, 2021

Dogs Not Allowed During Games

Dogs are wondeful creatures and we all love them however the central area of our complex is small and we request you leave FIDO at home or stay with FIDO outside of the central area.

We have had incidents in the past where people have brought their dogs and fights between dogs have occured and we also had one severe bite to a four year old child. This was a very traumatizing experince for the little girl and the dog owners were held financially responsible.

For your sake and the sake of others leave FIDO at home.

Thank You

Steve Forrest

May 26th, 2021

Thursday’s game

Hi Phillies,

Another great game yesterday. I am so impressed at how fast everyone is picking up the basics! I hope the kiddos are all having fun too.

I think I mentioned to some of you but my family and I are going camping and will miss tomorrow's game (field 1, in the left field again against the Red Sox).

I have the gear bag and am happy to get it to anyone so you have it for the game (I don't want to leave folks without bats, helmets, balls, etc). I should have better organized and handed it off yesterday but wasn't thinking.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend, a great game against the Red Sox and I'll see you all on Tuesday.

Please also consider signing up to bring snacks- which appears to be everyone's favorite part!

If you are able to get the gear bag, please free to email, call or text me and I can meet you wherever. I think we're heading out of town around 1 or 2 tomorrow. I can also see if they'll let me bring to the field early and let one of the parents know where to get it.

I also picked up some black baseball pants and a blue water bottle as well that I have in the bag for whoever left those yesterday and might be looking for them.

Thanks all,
May 18th, 2021

great game!!! (and snack signup)

Hi Phillies! Awesome game today and thanks to all the parents and siblings for all of the help! I'm also co coaching my three year old (some of you may have heard him screaming!) who is the foal leave that plays at 5:30 so figuring out the transition there so everything will be ready.

Our next game is Thursday on the same field (we'll be infield next time) against the Rangers at 6:15. If anyone wants to show up a little early to practice, we can do that to work on some basics and hitting. Otherwise, particularly with the first few games, we'll practice for a bit and then play the game in the 6:15-7:15 timeframe. I'll be more organized on Thursday but we will have fun and learn as we go! I was super impressed at the Phillies today though- I would never have guessed many of them never played before!

For snacks, I set up an online schedule here if parents want to sign up and we'll rotate through: We have nine players (and a few siblings). Thanks in advance for signing up!

Hopefully this weather holds all season. Thanks again to everyone for a great first game!

Ps- if someone left a Seahawks sweater behind, I have that and will bring it Thursday.

Thanks everyone!
May 17th, 2021

quick update on helmets and bats

Hi everyone, fingers crossed this sunshine holds all week to make it far more pleasant to be outside cheering on the Phillies!

I picked up our gear yesterday and while they had said kids needed their own bats and helmets, there appears to be plenty in the gear bag. Everyone is welcome to bring their own but just an FYI that it seems they provided them for us if you are okay sharing and want to bring one less thing.

I also have our red Phillies shirts and caps so we'll hand those out tomorrow as well.

Please feel free to help out. I've never coached before so will take any and all help! We will want a parent or two on the field and another in the dugout to manage kids and the batting order and to help make sure the kids are having as much fun as possible. I fully expect this week to be chaos but I think it will be a lot of fun and we'll learn some things along the way.

Otherwise, any questions, let me know but we will see you tomorrow on Field 1 at 6:15! There will be a schedule posted on Team Connect to let you know which team we are playing and where we're playing at. One game will be held on Field 1 infield and another game will be held on Field 1 left field corner, and another on Field 1 right field corner.

(I also recommend downloading the team connect app if your haven't. I found that far more user friendly than the website for communicating.)


May 15th, 2021


And can't forget the most important piece for the kids- snacks!

Kids love snacks! We will set up a snack sign up and have families take turns bringing snack/drink for the kids after the game if that works for everyone. We will get a head count of players (and siblings) on Tuesday and figure out the best plan for everyone.

Re: practices: I guess T-Ball usually has 1 practice a week that is about an hour. The Far North fields are not available Monday-Thursday evenings due to games so they suggest visiting parks or schools around town and utilize their fields/baseball fields.

I recognize it's summer in Alaska so we can also chat about how families want to handle that piece. I want it to be fun but also know we all want to be out enjoying all thing Alaska so just food for thought on how we might want to handle that piece to make it fun for our kiddos but not to much of a time commitment for anyone.

Thanks everyone, I think that is the basic info for Tuesday. Any questions, please ask and I'll try to get answers!

May 15th, 2021

welcome to the Phillies!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to t-ball!

Bear with me as I read through the info to make sure we are set for this this week but here are a few quick updates from the league:

-Games will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15-7:30 on Field 1.
The Team Connect app will tell us if we are playing on the infield or an outfield corner. First game is this coming Tuesday!

-Uniforms from the league are a hat and shirt. Parents provide baseball pants (Play It Again Sports is a great place to find some.) Cleats are optional at this age.

Due to COVID we ask that you provide a helmet, bat and glove for your child.

-This is my first go round coaching. Any and all assistant coaches/helpers and team parents to run the dugout would be appreciated so all of our kiddos can have an awesome season. Please consider helping out!

-Please be patient with everyone. This first week will be a little chaotic, but everyone will get into the swing of things quickly!

Feel free to contact me through Team Connect or email me directly ( or call/text, 907-350-8495. My daughter Hazel and I are looking forward to meeting all of you and having an awesome season!

Go Phillies! (Which pains me to say as a real-life Braves fan 😀)

May 15th, 2021

Welcome to!

Thanks for joining your team on Team Connect! Here's a list of the top 5 cool things to do now that you're here:

1) Set up your roster profile. Just go to the Roster, click your name on the list, and then click "edit" at the top right corner. Now you can add your own photo and tell everyone on your team about yourself. If you are a parent, you can edit your child's profile too.

2) If you want to receive text messages on your phone from Team Connect, click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and choose My Settings, then click on Profile. Scroll down to the Contact Information area to add your phone number.

3) Start a conversation! Head to Announcements and then click "Add new announcement". Post a hello announcement to your team - they can respond back in the comments.

4) Check out your team's schedule. You can see all the dates and times, view a map of the game location, and lots more.

5) Got great photos of your team in action? Go to Photo Albums, where you can upload pics from your last game, practice, or team get-together. You can add photos to existing albums or create your own.

There's a lot more to explore in Team Connect, so we encourage you to click around and check it all out! Don't forget, if you need any help, just click on the Help menu at the top right corner of the screen to chat or email support.

Have fun!


GAME ID #7584947
Tue May 18 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
GAME ID #7584949
Thu May 20 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7584951
Tue May 25 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7584955
Thu May 27 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
Red Sox
GAME ID #7584959
Tue Jun 1 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7584962
Thu Jun 3 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7584964
Tue Jun 8 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7584966
Thu Jun 10 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
GAME ID #7584970
Tue Jun 15 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
Red Sox
GAME ID #7584974
Thu Jun 17 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
GAME ID #7584977
Tue Jun 22 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7584979
Thu Jun 24 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
GAME ID #7584981
Tue Jun 29 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7584985
Thu Jul 1 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
Red Sox
GAME ID #7584989
Tue Jul 6 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7584992
Thu Jul 8 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Right Field
GAME ID #7584994
Tue Jul 13 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7584996
Thu Jul 15 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7585000
Tue Jul 20 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
Red Sox
GAME ID #7585004
Thu Jul 22 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field
GAME ID #7585007
Tue Jul 27 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Infield
GAME ID #7585009
Thu Jul 29 6:15PM Phillies Field 1 Left Field


# Name Position
J. D Bartz
Tacesom Bushman
Hazel Cotter
Jaxon Lawton
Madeleine McSheehy
Emma Oskolkoff
Hannah Peabody
Kekoa PILI
Avery Trumbull
Bodhi Tuttle